ProfiStop Fully Automatic Saws

ProfiStop® is a simple to implement solution for fully automating repetitive pushing or pulling tasks on your existing saws, drills and presses.

Fully automate new or existing semi-automatic machines with push / pull feeding.

Multiple times productivity improvement with simultaneously reduced labour requirement.

Automatic cutting to length, or pressing / drilling to a pitch.

Complete auto-feeding solution for processing steel, aluminium, wood and more.

OEM Automation

In addition to upgrading your existing equipment, we can provide you with our complete OEM turnkey solutions for fully automatic cutting / drilling / pressing of steel, aluminium, wood, including material and parts.

Multi-Process Automated Solutions

Do you have production requirement for drilled cuts? We can provide cost-effective all-in-one solutions for producing parts requiring multiple processes including cutting / drilling tapping / pressing / riveting / CNC routing / hole patterns and more.

Material Handling Solutions

For all our automatic saws we can provide you material and finished parts handling solutions with varying degrees of automation, up to and including fully automated loading of and collection of cuts.

Productivity in Focus

On-Screen Automatic Yield Optimisation

Get the benefit of reduced material wastage but without wasting time managing stock. Send the same cut list you use today to ProfiStop®. On-the-fly optimisation automatically measures the length of stock, optimises your job list for maximum material yield, and ProfiStop® Auto Saw makes the cuts.

Automatic Defect Removal

Don’t let any scratches through with ProfiStop® on-the-fly defect removal and optimisation. Your operator marks the defects using a pen, ProfiStop® system scans the marked locations and automatically cuts out the damaged material while cutting your parts with maximum material utilisation from the remaining defect-free material.

Automatic Part Marking

Sort out your many parts daily by labelling them. Our automatic saws can print job or part information on your parts by burning or pin marking automatically for every cut made.


Our cloud-based design, job and stock management solution seamlessly integrated with your ProfiStop® Auto Saw. Automatically group and optimise your cutting jobs, and send the cut list to your auto saw is as easy as drag-and-drop. Use OptiCut-1D™ for managing all your design BOMs, jobs, stock and material procurement.

Australian Made and Owned