ProfiStop® Features

Intro to ProfiStop® Simple Length Stop Solution for your Saws

Automatic length stop and feeder for saws, drills, presses and more.

Colour touch-screen with simple to use control interface.

±0.1 mm positioning accuracy with a lifetime accuracy guarantee.

Create job lists in Excel then drag-and-drop or e-mail to ProfiStop®.

Save and complete jobs as one-part job or as a bill-of-material (BOM) group.

Parts counting with job completed alert, next job alert, and manager e-mail alert.

Automatic labels and barcode printing and scanning.

On-screen job list yield optimisation – get reduced material wastage but without the hassle of managing stock.

OptiCut-1D™ - your comprehensive cloud-based solution for managing jobs and stock, seamlessly integrated with ProfiStop® length stops and auto saws.

Australian Made and Owned