Design Development Implementation Innovation

ProfiStop is a subsidiary or ReconEng Industrial Engineering, a multi-disciplined engineering group providing design, automation, project management, and commissioning services for large multinational and Government Clients.

ProfiStop product range is a result of many special application linear positioning industrial solutions implemented over the years during which time we realized that most Australian and other high-productivity manufacturers in the 21. century cut the same way as at the dawn of circular saws - relaying entirely on manual labour in a process that is dull, and intensive on mind and body. We thought there should be simple and inexpensive linear positioning tools to assist you to cut faster, more accurate, automatically; as well as to assist you to handle large amounts of cutting-associated data. We also thought these tools should not be the domain of big manufacturing businesses, but small and one-man manufacturers alike.

Ten years later, we think we have the simple mechanical and software solutions to take cutting into 21. Century.