Why ProfiStop®

Exceptional ROI

Most users find that their new ProfiStop® pays for itself in under a year.

Lifetime accuracy guarantee

Our proprietary system ensures accuracy of every ProfiStop machine can be maintained for life. Find out more.

Fast and accurate, every time

ProfiStop® quickly positions itself to your length input, and produces the cuts you need, all the time, every time.

Don’t waste time entering data

Send your job lists to ProfiStop straight from your office. They will be on the screen of your operator right away. Just press GO and cut.

Eliminate tiresome mistakes

When a job is complete, ProfiStop will tell your operator; suggest to go to the next job; as well as tell what stock to fetch.

Focus on the big picture

Free your operator from the mundane process detail of cutting and their mind will be fresh to make you money in more important ways.

Get more done, with less

ProfiStop® super-charges your every worker, and makes a novice produce the same as your best.

Get something from nothing

ProfiStop® saves you $$ with optimised cut lists but without having to spend time managing stock. Don’t throw away your material, or time.

Australian made and owned

ProfiStop® is a World-leading Australian technology product. Be a part of our story.

Are you so busy that you can not take any more work?

Every month you are likely losing many times more in sales and profit than the cost of investment in a ProfiStop®.

Are you stressed trying to organise many things for your production?

We can only keep 7±2 things in our head at any one time. Let ProfiStop® take care of all your cutting data and management and you can focus on important things.

Do you have two, three or five saws in your production?

You can dramatically decrease space and labour allocated to cutting, while simultaneously improving your production output.

Do you discover onsite you have incorrectly manufactured parts?

Incorrectly manufactured parts are one of the most common and costly on-site work stoppages. Organise your production with a ProfiStop® and no hole will be out of place when you need it the most.

Do you have large, complex projects with strict delivery times?

It is impossible to deliver large projects in short time without efficient, automated production. Our machines have delivered some of the biggest, high-profile construction projects around Australia.

Is your best worker occupied with cutting?

Cutting is a dull, labour and mind intensive task. Have your best worker to focus on more important things, and leave the dull work to ProfiStop®.

Are you an owner-run business?

Hiring employees is the most challenging step in the growth story of any business. ProfiStop® is a low-cost way to dramatically increase what you can output yourself and decrease effort.

We hear stories like this every day.

ProfiStop® purchase for our Customers is typically a transformational investment paying itself off often in a matter of months.

Australian Made and Owned